Efficiency is Key to Custom Power Supplies

 Embedded engineers are witnessing an increasing demand for custom made power supplies. The main reason why customers prefer them over run of the mill power supplies is because custom power supplies are more efficient.

Another reason is the freedom to customize. Many large machines are custom made. It is only sensible that when you are running a custom machine, you should also go with a custom power supply. There are other reasons too.

The power efficient your power supply, the less noise it makes, less power it draws and lower your energy bills. Even if custom power supplies cost a bit more in the beginning, these and other benefits ensure you will break even quickly.

Power supplies are rated at different levels. For example, computer power supplies have five types of ratings under the 80 Plus category. Power supplies for other types of units also have their own ratings.

If your company or manufacturing concern is running multiple machines, using power supplies with higher efficiency can save you considerable amount of money.

Some companies even go to the extent of checking if a machine reaches its stated energy rating. So it makes a lot of sense to use custom power supplies that have higher ratings. Note that efficiency is not a mark for the stability or quality of a power supply.