Embedded Software Testing Vs Debugging

Many people confuse debugging with testing, though they are two different concepts. While debugging, the developer tries to fix bugs detected during software testing and it is performed by the development team. The idea is to keep the software free from bugs.

Testing is a comparatively rigorous approach and it is often conducted by an independent agency. The job is performed by testers who try to find as many bugs in the software as possible. Testers have to report the nature of the problem caused by the bug, at what point during the test it occurred and what was the consequence of the defect. The development team then uses the information to correct the problem.


Embedded testing comparatively descriptive than debugging

Embedded software testing is different from application testing and requires takes many years of practice to become proficient in it. One of the reasons it is difficult is because it involves several testing techniques. The tester has to understand and know how and when to use them.

During testing, specially developed test tools are used. The basic function of testing is to ensure that there are no latent bugs in the system. It means the test cases should be capable of uncovering all anomalies, which may not be possible with a standard test tool.