Embedded Technology and the Future

Embedded technology is now at the forefront of almost every consumer technology. A hundred years back, things like electric toasters and electric kettles did not exist. So if you were to bring a person from the old era in the present world and show him/her the technology available today, he/she would be amazed. The point we are trying to make is, how fast thing change.

Some people cannot envision a world without their iPads. Amazingly, it was launched just 5 years back (2010). Smartphone technology is ubiquitous, now but the first mobile phones were quite bulky and heavy. iPhone was launched in 2007 and it has already sold 500 million pieces. All these things have been possible because of embedded development.

It is said that we are just scratching the surface with respect to embedded technology. Intelligent sensors, wearable technologies, embedded speech, Internet of Things, cloud computing, robot avatars, augmented reality, virtual reality- there is so much waiting in the line. All these things will change how mankind experiences and interfaces with the world and each other. Can you imagine, where we will be a 100 years from now? At that time, the iPhone and iPads of today may become just as ancient as the coal heated kettle that your grandparents used.