Embedded Hardware Development

Gwentech Embedded designs embedded hardware for control and power systems

Hardware is the foundation for your system and defines how inputs are determined and how outputs are configured. Powerful and efficient hardware is essential to creating a powerful system that works with you and evolves to your needs.

Our attention to detail is of the utmost importance.

If you are just starting out, what this means is that you need a turn-key solution that will grow with you, and evolve according to your needs. If you are in the position of having to redesign a system that is not working effectively, it means that you need to devise a system that will complement your processes.

At Gwentech Embedded, we can build you a system from scratch, or re-work your existing system to give you the powerful, efficient hardware that will guarantee success.


Our Expertise

Over the years, Gwentech has designed and redesigned control systems for the automotive, industrial and consumer sectors. We specialize in:

  • AutomationSlide9
  • Data acquisition
  • Industrial equipment
  • Manufacturing
  • Power supplies
  • Welding


We also serve many other industries that require system architecture and hardware design.


We Work With You

At Gwentech Embedded, our mission is to create the system that is exactly right for your product. Our system design experts work with you at every stage of development to determine what should be done, and then decide whether to proceed with off-the-shelf components, or custom-design your hardware. We look at every single detail, knowing that even something as simple as the power supply and the enclosure can have a huge impact on the finished design.

Many of our customers come to us the first time when problems occur – and that’s fine. If the design of your system is not progressing as it should, we are happy to enter the project mid-stream, as it were. On the other hand, if you consult us at the beginning of the project, you can benefit from specialized design that will expedite the development cycle of your project, and allow us to help you bring your products to market more expeditiously.

At whatever point in the development cycle you contact us, we can help. We thrive on challenges.


Our Team

At Gwentech Embedded, your electronic hardware design is handled by system-level designers who have a proven track record. With expertise in ASIC prototyping, FPGA design, DSP and embedded software, as well as a range of knowledge across a broad spectrum of industries, we can get you current and keep you up to date with best practices and the latest technology. Our mission is to work with you at every step of the way, from creating or modifying your system through to tracking and resolving issues.  When you have our team working on your hardware solutions, you can be assured that your technology works the way you want it to, and the way that your users prefer.


Why Choose Gwentech Embedded?

When you have a custom-designed system that is specifically geared to your overall operation, or to a specific project, you know that it will work the way it should. At Gwentech Embedded, we have the expertise that enables us to create a system that is customized to your needs – we do not offer blanket solutions that are going to be adequate at best. We work to identify exactly what you need, and then we give you just that.


Why Not Do It In-House?

There are a number of reasons why hardware embedded solutions should not be attempted in house. First of all, most businesses do not have staff with the requisite knowledge base. Even if they do, it means that they are allocating resources that are not needed 24/7. The wages, however, still have to be paid. It simply makes sense to outsource your system development. You probably do not need an IT team on staff all the time to handle your system architecture design needs, so why not outsource this aspect of your business, and direct the money you save toward sales or product development?


Gwentech Embedded Saves You Money

Businesses of all types and sizes can save money by outsourcing their electronic hardware development needs. At Gwentech, we produce hardware that is durable, reliable, and specifically created to meet your needs. We can create solutions that will improve your ROI, reduce your maintenance expenses, and can be customized from project to project. You will not have to worry about downtime, because we will make sure that your system is always up and running. In short, we can save you money and help to ensure that you are always operating as you should.


Gwentech Embedded Is Creative

Perhaps you have an idea for a project, but you are not quite sure how to go about implementing it. At Gwentech, we know that you want to come up with something that is not just exciting and potentially lucrative, but is also affordable in its design and implementation stages. This is where our experts come in – our engineers are not just highly competent, they are also known for their ability to think “outside the box.” If you are looking for something that no one has ever thought of before, bring your idea to us. We will work with it, tweak it, and give it back to you in a form that you may never have imagined.



Contact Us

Are you just starting up and looking to make sure that your hardware operates smoothly right out of the gate? Or are you working with a system that is less than satisfactory? Whatever your situation, Gwentech Embedded has the hardware development solution you need.

With our experts working on your hardware solutions, you can be sure that your technology operates the way you want it to, and in a way that your users find comfortable. Each process will go faster, and each worker’s job will be made that much easier.

We offer durable, reliable hardware that delivers less downtime between projects, reduced maintenance costs, and a system that is always up and running.

Bring us your ideas. Let’s talk. You can reach Gwentech Embedded at 269-205-3236.

Gwentech Embedded designs systems in:

  • Automation
  • Welding
  • Data Acquisition
  • Power Supplies
  • Construction Equipment
  • Manufacturing and many other industries.


Gwentech works in the following industries




Contact us for Hardware solutions.

Primary Development Tools

  •     Oscilloscopes
  •     Meters
  •     Data Aquisition Systems
  •     Thermal Measurement Devices
  •     High Voltage Power Supplies
  •     Circuit Simulation Software

Designing for

  •     Manufacturability for 10+ years
  •     Serviceability
  •     Extreme temperatures
  •     Isolation
  •     High Frequency Interference, ESD
  •     CE and CSA Standards
Our Embedded Hardware Capabilities
Control Systems
  • Digital or Analog
  • Wireless
  • Isolated IO
  • Communications
  • Data Aquisition
  • PID loops
Designing for
  • Manufacturability for 10+ years
  • Serviceability
  • Extreme temperatures
  • Isolation
  • High Frequency Interference, ESD
  • CE and CSA Standards
Typical Applications
  • Real Time Control for Power Supplies
  • PID loops
  • External device control, pendants
  • Solenoids
  • Stepper Motor and Servo Control
Power Systems
  • Charging Systems
  • Medium power switch mode
  • Thyristor controlled power supplies
  • Thermal management