Install Voltage Limiters To Protect Devices


There are many advantages of voltage limiters. If you can integrate them into a custom power supply design, the benefits multiply manifold. Applying voltage limiters before transistors like the MOFSET (between the input and output gates of the device) can lower the cost of the device.


Normally, the MOFSET device will be open (powered load). But when the voltage goes over the device’s threshold, the device switches off thanks to the voltage limiter. So the voltage limiter protects the device from overvoltage conditions. You can imagine how useful it can be in a custom power supply. Voltage limiters are already being used in many places such as automotive applications.


Installing a voltage limiter in the custom power supply also brings down the technical needs of the voltage regulator. Consequently, you can have a simplified voltage regulator. Such a power supply/device costs less to built than one without a voltage limiter.


In some places, you don’t even need a voltage regulator like in the case of sound applications. In these devices, the voltage limiter does away with the need for a voltage regulator. The first step is to create a block design, integrating the voltage limiter into the design of the custom power supply. Embedded engineers should look for examples of these designs online.