Integrating Functions on Home Appliances with Embedded Technology

Many high performance and industrial electrical systems, including power meters, smart plugs, heating and lighting systems and AC/DC power supplying equipment contain multiple integrated circuits.  These integrated circuits are responsible for functions like user interface, process control and so on. For instance, smart plugs detect appliances that use a lot of energy for work and those which consume excessive power during standby. The good news is, these multiple integrated circuits can be coalesced into a single PSoC controller.

Integrating hardware and software into a single system can bring a lot of benefits such as creating a more flexible final service and cutting down expenses. An energy measurement system also helps by bringing changes and allowing the embedded developer to see how these changes support the debugging and development efforts.

The problem is that not all companies have the required experience and programming skills to perform such integration. The irony is that they want highly competitive products, but at low costs. It is difficult to achieve at least in the present situation. The best way to deal with the problem is to outsource the work. On the other hand, some companies have already developed micro-controller units infused with these capabilities, but the technology is not widely available yet.