IoT Devices and Their Security Framework

There are many challenges that are being faced by IoT. IoT devices have been shown to possess several flaws in terms of security and privacy. This applies right across the board, irrespective of the industry the IoT device is specific to.

The need of the hour is to find an effective security solution that is applicable to the low cost hardware that is generally used in IoT devices.

Research and development are being carried out in this area, which has opened doors to a few viable solutions.

One such solution is to use a combination of web browsers and embedded smartcard chips. This is an idea worth considering because embedded smartcard chips are the global standard for hardware security, while browsers achieve the same for software.

It is being implemented by a company called Tyfone. Tyfone uses a decentralized security hardware, which it refers to as the Connected Smart Card (CSC). The CSC is user controlled for sensitive information. It also provides software based mechanisms for securing information that may not be as sensitive.

The CSC platform offers NIST defined Level 4 identity and authentication security, which is completely decentralized. This technology can be accessed in compact form factors which can be embedded into IoT devices, if needed.