Is it Sensible to Make a Custom Power Supply by Your Own?

Many end users try to design and build their own custom power supply systems. Many are successful at it, but, there are more who fail at it. This is because there are certain costs that these users do not factor in and they also end up wasting valuable time to market.

Above all, they simply lack the skill and knowledge needed to design custom power supply systems that are reliable and stable. Customer power supply systems for long term and high volume use are too complex and their construction can only be taken up by experienced designers and manufacturers.

For example, off-the shelf semiconductors need to be supported by existing software design tools and applications. A wrong circuit can lead to very expensive consequences.

Another consideration is resource availability towards designing, building, and testing. For example, are there engineers who are experienced in designing custom power supply systems? Do they have access to the right testing equipment? Are regulatory requirements being met? Are safety protocols being met?

Non-standard power requirements are hard to meet, unless you have the expertise to create custom power supply systems that can. You may have operational temperature ranges that are too extreme to be handled by a run of the mill custom power supply system. You may also have out of the ordinary form factors or features to consider, which can only be addressed by a skilled designer/manufacturer of custom power supply units.