Making CNC Prototypes Online

Prototyping of mechanical components is hard and expensive work. First, you make a design on an expensive and/or difficult software. Then you send it to a machine shop, where the folks will inform you about problems in your design relating to manufacturing issues or the machine shop’s capabilities. Then you redo the designs and send them back to the machine shop.

This means, there is a long lead time before you have a prototype in your hand. Embedded engineers, who have to work on short time-to-market schedules, will find this process very painful. But there is an alternative. Online CNC prototyping services.

The major advantage of using an online CNC prototyping service is the design you create through the system can be immediately manufactured in real-time. You no longer have to exchange designs with a machine shop and redo them, in case of incompatibility. Another benefit is, many of these programs are free to use and have simple functionality. Online CNC prototyping services are good enough to prototype small mechanical pieces.

Many CAD programs, including popular ones are quite difficult to use and you need to train extensively to create decent designs on such software. But now that there is an alternative, your work will become easier. Online CNC prototyping services are perfect for prototyping small mechanical parts.