Making Your Drive Comfortable: The Embedded Development Factor  

Do you know that the average car has over 30,000 parts? If the car has to run, all these parts have to work in unison. There has to be a system to control these parts. This is the cue for the embedded development factor.

As distances between workplaces increase, people are forced to spend a significant amount of time on the road, commuting. In these circumstances, a car becomes an absolute necessity. If the car does not work properly or the drive is uncomfortable, it can lead to serious recursions.

The embedded systems in the car ensure that the car works as it is supposed to. Embedded systems are everywhere in a car. The infotainment system in your car, automotive features like driver assist and window operations are all examples of embedded systems.

Embedded products have several advantages which make them a perfect fit for automobiles like cars. They are sophisticated, capable of taking a lot of load, they run in real-time, they can multi-rate (conduct different operations at varying rates), they have a low manufacturing cost and they don’t consume much power. Some other automotive systems which run on embedded systems are air bags, rain sensing wipers, traction control, navigation systems, climate control, automotive parking and so on.