New Developments in the IoT World

Exciting times are in store for embedded developers. There is a lot of innovation going on in the IoT sector, driven by low power, low cost chips and cloud hosted software. Networking is another segment where we have seen many advances, especially in machine-to-machine communication and data transfers. For example, some companies have launched metro kiosks for IoT connected devices. These will show digital ads and earn revenue.

In the pipeline, we have software and services that will use different networks such as Bluetooth, WiFi and cellular to link to the IoT. Low latency streaming services are also being developed for IoT.

According to embedded designers, another sector where IoT and related technologies could have a big impact is transport. Some analysts have said that the recent rail accident outside New York City which claimed the life of eight people could have been avoided if IoT technology had been used instead of the moribund technology which is currently in place. Some train networks are already using sensors (which are an intrinsic part of the IoT systems) to detect flaws in the wheels of rail carriages. It shows that the IoT world is quite diverse and expanding at a quick pace.