Power Of Customized Design


Most custom power supply manufacturers can offer full bespoke services ranging from full-custom designs to modified standard devices. They have twin responsibilities. First, they have to ensure their product is reliable in the long term.

Second, they must be reliable in their business relationship with customers. Most custom power supply manufacturers have aligned their processes and systems with ISO9001/ISO14001 to ensure their products are high quality, environmentally responsible and consistent.

Vast experience is also a necessity. A good custom power supply manufacturer will have worked on a range of products, DCDC and ACDC, 1W to 50kW and 0.6V to 50kV.

Customers are paying good money. So their technical requirements must be fulfilled, while offering them an all round solution, taking factors like time to market, cost and reliability into account.

Each customer requirement is unique in one or another. Loyal customers can also teach an embedded engineer many things. Working with a number of clients helps the embedded engineer gain specialist knowledge of different applications for both custom as well as standard power supplies.

A custom power supply manufacturer can create products for key markets like communications, defense and aerospace, process control, factory automation, LED signage and lighting, renewable energies, office and computer automation, broadcast and more.