Power Supply Controller Makes Tracking of Distributed Loads Easier


When it comes to complex power architectures, tracking and sequencing can be hard to manage. With the recently introduced single supply tracking controller, this process gets simplified. The device is compact and can be embedded into the point of load. The timing and sequence of multiple power supplies can then be monitored and made to start at a certain point.


The controller can be placed at node and by reducing the trace length to the sensitive feedback node, it can reduce voltage drops and overcome noise and EMI issues. It induces current into the feedback node of an independent source thus causing it to track a master signal or supply. Combined with a resistor configuration, it can ramp-up or ramp-down depending on ramp rates, voltage offsets and time delays of the master signal.


For digital logic circuits, this enables them to create various power supply profiles during power up or power down. The controller is compatible with systems using FPGAs, CPLDs, or DSPs can be purchased for specific industrial or commercial temperature grades. These controllers are easy to use,  compact and can reduce losses significantly in real-time.