Canberry V 2.1


Canberry V 2.1 Canbus for Raspberry Pi B+ and A+

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Product Description

Canberry Pi V 2.1 is an extension board for Raspberry Pi B+ and A+. It has two functionalities: a can bus module and an onboard Real Time clock powered by a 12 mm battery.
The CanBus is based on MCP2515 SPI controller and the MCP2551 transceiver. Typically, full CANbus functionality is integrated in the standard linux kernel, so they can be available on the fly, but in some cases, the linux kernel must be recompiled to add CANbus functionalities. Canberry Pi V 2.1 is a “restyling” of V 1.1. The new version contains the same can controller and transceiver, but a different RTC. The RTC is the DS3231 with an internal temperature compensated oscillator of a classic DS1307 with external oscillator. The new board is redesigned with the Raspberry Hat specification. There are four mounting holes and the hardware identification EEPROM (Blank Memory not mounted).

See Datasheet for more details.

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