Roll over IPv4 Because IPv6 is here!

IP stands for Internet Protocol. IP is the method by which data is sent from one computer to another on the internet. For 20 years, we have been using the IPv4 protocol, but now it is rather stretched. It won’t be able to take the load of billions of devices that are likely to be connected to the internet by the IoT in the near future. For that we need IPv6.

IPv4 has three primary shortcomings. IP addresses are getting depleted on IPv4, it has a flawed addressing architecture and it has a high cost. On the other hand, IPv6 has several advantages like an expanded address space, better addressing architecture and more. IPv6 will be particularly useful in embedded systems, considering that millions of electronic devices are expected to join the internet in the coming years. IPv6 is also more secure, because it has a mandatory security protocol- the IPSec. On the other hand, IPSec is optional for IPv4.

Embedded developers will be happy with the enhanced encryption, integrity, authentication and replay protection they will find on IPv6. There is already a growing clamor for IPv6 to be adopted as quickly as possible. But it will succeed only when and if there is a global effort towards its adoption.