Speeding up development of custom power supplies


Design time for custom power supplies can be slashed by adopting an “intellectual property core” type of approach. This ‘core engine’ strategy not only reduces the time needed to develop custom power supplies, it also reduces engineering charges.

In the ‘intellectual core’ system, the vendor must work closely with the clients to analyze how variations in the power supply can improve the performance and functionality of end products. Many performance factors can be involved here, like output ripple, size and others.

High voltage power supplies are unlike low voltage power supplies. The former not only facilitates current/voltage conversion, they also control the device that they supply power to, like an X-ray or laser source. This, in turn, increases custom requirement.

Embedded engineers must use available technology and their own experience to develop custom solutions that clients want. The power supplies created through this process aren’t modular.

Such products contain a number of technologies, which can be used in many ways for specific applications.

Like this, the circuit elements (design) developed for one device can be re-used in other devices allowing the manufacturer to respond to customers in weeks, instead of months. Embedded engineers have already developed a range of x-ray generator modules using this method.