The Advantages of Modular Software and Programming

Modular Programming is a process that involves splitting a computer program into individual sub-programs. A module is an individual component which can be utilised with a number of functions and applications in combination with other components in a system. Identical functions are arranged together with the same programming code and separate functions are created as separate units of code making it available for reuse with other applications.

There are many advantages to using Modular Software and Programming compared to other methods.

Development Can be Divided

Modular Programming allows development to be divided by splitting down a program into smaller programs in order to execute a variety of tasks. This enables developers to work simultaneously and minimizes the time taken for development.

Readable Programs

Modular Programming helps develop programs that are much easier to read since they can be enabled as user-defined functions. A program that carries multiple functions is easier to follow, whereas a program that does not have a function is much harder to follow.

Programming Errors are Easy to Detect

Modular Programming minimizes the risks of ending up with programming errors and also makes it easier to spot errors, if any. This is because the errors can be narrowed down to a specific function or a sub-program.

Allows Re-Use of Codes

A program module is capable of being re-used in a program which minimizes the development of redundant codes. It is also more convenient to reuse a module than to write a program from start. It also requires very little code to be written.

Improves Manageability

Having a program broken into smaller sub-programs allows for easier management. The separate modules are easier to test, implement or design. These individual modules can then be used to develop the whole program.


With Modular Programming, programmers can collaborate and work on the same application. Designing a program also becomes simpler because small teams can focus on individual parts of the same code.