What to Say to Your Custom Power Supply Vendor

When choosing a custom power supply, there are three main aspects that you need to focus on – fit, form, or function. Fit refers to the integrating abilities of the supply. For example, does it interface well on a physical level? Is it capable of becoming an integral component of another system?

Form refers to the mass, shape, weight, and size of the custom power supply.

Function, obviously, refers to the actions that the custom power supply system is intended to perform.

There are data sheets for all custom power supplies that help understand these three aspects. It is the designer’s duty to check the manufacturer’s data sheet to ensure that the supply meets expectations. All criteria matters here. However, they may vary on priority based on individual applications.

Data sheets may not contain all the details. Therefore, end users or designers may need to get in touch with the manufacturer for more details.

Published data can also change without prior notice. This is why end users must provide manufacturers with clear specifications. For instance, in the area of military applications, designers provide manufacturers with a procurement document that ensures the manufacturer’s compliance towards end user specifications.