Worldwide Embedded Developer Conference 2015: Top-Five Things Announced

Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference is underway in San Francisco. The company usually announces software updates to the iPhone, iMac and other gadgets at this annual event and this time too, the company did not disappoint. It has announced a slew of new products like Apple Music, El Capitan, iOS 9 and WatchOS 2.

The idea behind making these announcements at the WWDC are so that embedded developers must get some time to adjust to the changes, before Apple formally releases them in the fall.

Apple Music is a music streaming service and it is launched for OS X, iOS and Windows. It will be available on Android in the autumn. The software allows you to stream anything on iTunes. You can buy it off iTunes for $9.99 from June 30th.

Apple has also announced El Capitan, the newest avatar of the Apple OS X. El Capitan is built for performance. Apple also said that it will migrate the Metal graphics technology (launched in iOS 8) to the OS X platform. Apple says it will improve rendering on the Mac by up to 50%.

iOS 9 contains an improved Siri, which is 40% faster than the version we saw in 2014. iOS 9 also has an improved battery life. Another interesting announcement is WatchOS 2, a new OS for Apple Watches. WatchOS 2 has fewer bugs and is faster than its predecessor.